Friday, April 22, 2011

1970 DS21 IE

First, I have changed the oil which was badly diluted by the injectors #2 and #4 that were spitting gas all the time. Hopefully the bearings did not suffer.

The distributor was removed to access the trigger points that the computer needs in order to know the position of the engine at any given time.

They were dirty.

I've used a 3M "dum dum" to seal the door.

Yep, somewhere under there are the injectors...

The manifold

1, 2, 3 and 4

Injectors #4 and #3...

... #2 and #1. The are working. 3.1 Ohms resistance, they don't leak under 29psi of pressure and when I apply 3V they open.

I have plugged the wires and tested. #2 and #4 are spitting gas. When I unplug the injectors they stop spitting. The computer is sending 3V to these for some reasons. The grounds to the injectors are good also. Unfortunately it is not consistent. Sometime they work.

Next: Diagnose the computer.


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